Press Release


Below are three versions of press release/event announcement verbiage.  Note the asterisks and italicized directions.  Each version needs the correct information exchanged for the bolded/italicized sections. These three versions have been developed to accommodate different restrictions on word length.  Submit the longest one you can; the longer the announcement below, the more helpful information it contains for interested readers.


FREE CONCERT!  Branches Band, Milwaukee-based Christian band, will be presenting a concert [DAY], [MONTH] [DATE], at [TIME].*  Hosted by [CHURCH NAME] Lutheran Church, [CHURCH ADDRESS].  Branches Band has played at over 500 churches in all 50 states and Canada performing hymns and original songs with guitar, piano, percussion, and vocal harmonies. Call [CHURCH PHONE NUMBER] for more information or directions.

*If serving refreshments afterward, include "Free refreshments following concert." at the asterisk.  If not, remove asterisk before submitting.


FREE CONCERT! [CHURCH NAME] Lutheran Church is hosting Branches Band, a Milwaukee-based Christian band, on 00/00/00 at [TIME].*  [CHURCH PHONE NUMBER] for more information or directions.

*If serving refreshments afterward, include “Refreshments following concert.” at the asterisk.  If not, remove asterisk before submitting.


FREE Christian Concert, [CHURCH NAME] Lutheran Church, 00/00/00 at [TIME], [CHURCH PHONE NUMBER],

Experience the Branches Band sound!

Check out YouTube videos and song samples in these media players.

Downloadable Promotional Material

Here are a variety of tools for promoting a Branches Band event! Print posters and bulletin inserts (flyers) to display at your church, school, and throughout the community. Use the PDFs below and insert a text box to include the date, church name, location, phone number, and pertinent event information. Use logos, pictures, and text provided for bulletin announcements or press releases to your local media outlets. Share links to YouTube videos on your social media, create a Facebook event, and preview Branches Band songs for your congregation.

See below for more ideas!

If you have any questions, or would like more information or assistance, please contact us.

Ministry Description



Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches..."

Branches Band, a Milwaukee-based music group, uses their love for music to identify the Savior of the world - Jesus! From a fresh take on ancient hymns to original compositions, from guitars and piano to vocal harmonies, the truth of God's love and grace is at the root of the Branches Band ministry.

Branches Band has performed in all 50 states and Canada and has served over 600 congregations by offering Christian concerts, assisting with worship, and developing music resources for today's church leaders and worship teams. Since 2008, Branches Band has produced 13 studio albums and completed 11 songbooks, with plans to produce more albums and worship resources in the future. For more information, scheduling, albums, sheet music, and other resources, visit or find us on Facebook at

Get the Word Out


We encourage you to use as many ways as possible to inform your community about the event. Please feel free to use any and all of the following ideas:

POSTERS: Print posters to display at church, local community bulletin boards, or a church member’s business.

FLYERS: Print bulletin inserts/flyers for use in the worship folder and leave a stack in the back of church for members to distribute to neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and throughout the community.

WEBSITE: Advertise the concert on your church website using Branches Band promotional materials.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Promote on your church Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Please ‘tag’ Branches Band so we can boost your promotional efforts! Create a Facebook event (consider making “Branches Band” an administrator so we can add more content and publicize as well).

FOOD: Add a meal or potluck beforehand or refreshments afterward to encourage attendance.

SIGN: Promote the concert on your outdoor signboard or consider having an event sign printed.

PRESS RELEASE: Submit press releases to local newspapers, radio and TV stations, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Many publications accept free community event notices.

E-BLAST: Remind members about the concert via e-newsletter, text alerts, and/or social media updates.

SCHOOL: Encourage your grade school, pre-school, and Sunday school members to attend. Play our music for them during class, have them learn a song to sing with Branches Band (contact us for more information), and send them home with a flyer.

MUSIC: Use our purchased or streamed music leading up to the event (available on: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, and many digital platforms). Visit for videos and playlists. Play our music before, after, or during worship services, Bible class, Sunday school, and church events.

ASSISTED-LIVING OUTREACH: Invite a nursing home or assisted-living facility to transport residents.

CANVASS: Organize members to canvass. Print your own postcards/door hangers/mailers to cross-promote events (combine concert promotion with Christmas/Easter/Trunk-or-Treat/VBS invite).

FELLOWSHIP: Invite area WELS congregations and ask for their help in promoting the concert.

BRAINSTORM: Share this list with your evangelism committee, elders, church council, and lay members to brainstorm ways to promote the concert. Let us know if you come up with even more ideas that could help reach hearts with the Gospel!  

“I have become all things to all people

so that I may save at least some.” 1 Cor. 9:22