John 15:5; I am the vine; you are the branches.

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A tree is known by its leaves; but without the roots and main trunk, the leaves would neither bud nor thrive. The leaves identify the tree, but the tree gives life to the leaves. Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches...” Branches Band, a Milwaukee- based music group, uses their love for music to identify the Savior of the world - Jesus! From ancient hymns to modern songs, from guitars and piano to vocal harmonies, the Truth of Godʼs love and grace is at the root of the Branches Band ministry.

Branches Band travels all over the United States and Canada with their repertoire including hundreds of hymns and songs. Branches Band serves congregations by offering Christian concerts, assisting with worship, and developing music resources for todayʼs church leaders and worship teams. For more information, scheduling, albums and other resources, visit or find us on Facebook at


Leaves identify a tree, but itʼs the tree that gives life to the leaves.

Branches Band  began in 2008 after being asked to provide a Christian concert for a church event in Illinois. Based in Milwaukee, WI, the group now travels all over the United States and Canada serving congregations in a variety of ways. Whether it’s offering a Christian concert, providing musical entertainment at a church picnic or outreach event, planning worship services, recording Christian albums, or developing worship resources, Branches Band  strives in everything to be branches that identify the Great Vine, the Savior of the world - Jesus!

Using acoustic guitars, piano, bass, percussion, and exceptional vocal harmonies, Branches Band does everything from covering todayʼs popular Christian artists to breathing new life into favorite hymns; from recording full-length albums to writing brand new music with Christian lyrics. Since 2008, Branches Band has traveled to 50 states and Canada serving more than 400 congregations, produced nine studio albums, and completed 7 songbooks (PVG), with plans to produce more albums and worship resources in the future.

Follow Branches Band on Facebook or visit for the latest schedule and available resources.

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