John 15:5; I am the vine; you are the branches.

We want to play for your next event!

Branches Band is available to play for ANY type of event including weddings, private parties, worship services, church picnics, musician workshops and seminars, kids concerts, music camps, as well as full Christian concerts! For more information about our non-religious music, visit

Branches Band Mission

Branches Band exists to serve and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through our words, actions, and specifically our music. We serve congregations by assisting in worship and creating resources, serve fellow Christians by playing Christian concerts, and serve our community by performing for a variety of public and private events and activities.

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Order Branches Band’s newest CD:

A Cappella

Available now!

We stepped out of our ‘norm’ and into something else we love: a cappella singing!

This new album is made up of all

3-part a cappella hymn arrangements and original songs - no instruments!

  1. -From All that Dwell Below the Skies

  2. -Jesus, Your Boundless Love to Me

  3. -King of All (original song)

  4. -I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb

  5. -You Are the One (original song)

  6. -My Shepherd Will Supply My Need

  7. -A Mighty Fortress

  8. -God Bless Our Native Land

  9. -May the Lord (original song)


- From All that Dwell Below the Skies (STB)

  1. -God Bless Our Native Land (SAB)

  2. -I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb (ATB)

  3. -Jesus, Your Boundless Love to Me (SAB)

  4. -King of All (ATB)

  5. -May the Lord (STB)

  6. -A Mighty Fortress (SAB)

  7. -A Mighty Fortress (SATB)

  8. -My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (STB)

  9. -Of the Father’s Love Begotten (STB)

  10. -O Jesus So Sweet, O Jesus So Mild (SATB)

  11. -You Are the One (STB)

  12. -Your Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We (SATB)




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Hard copy book

Hard copy book

+ 10-copy PDF

13-copy PDF

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23-copy PDF

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Songbook also available!

Hard copy book

+ 20-copy PDF

A Cappella Songbook

3-part and 4-part mixed voice a cappella songs

This book includes arrangements of familiar hymns as well as three original songs. A variety of voice combinations, including SATB, STB, SAB, and ATB.